Congrats! Welcome aboard! DIVE IN









I am a SUPPLIER to the hospitality interior design industry

Pricing for Suppliers

  • 1 representative: $9,995 (25% deposit $2,500)
  • 2 representatives: $12,995 (25% deposit $3,500)
  • Guest: $495*

I am a BUYER to the hospitality interior design industry

Pricing for Buyers

  • Free if you qualify
  • Guest: $495*

*If bringing more than one guest, please inquire.

What’s included?

  1. 20 one-on-one, high-ROI meetings
  2. Networking events crafted to make sure meaningful relationships are made
  3. Full-page listing in event directory so your information is immediately available to our buyers
  4. Balcony cabin 4 night cruise 
  5. High-speed internet at sea: VOOM Surf package
  6. Gourmet food & beverage within the event itinerary*
  7. Exciting excursions
  8. Round-trip transfers from the airport shuttle to cruise terminal
  9. All activities aboard the cruise: pools, restaurants and bars, spas, fitness, casino, cinema, and other entertainment**

*Alcoholic beverages purchased separately from the event itinerary are not included

** Some additional fees may apply

How are matches made?

We will invite our own pre-qualified list of active buyers. Suppliers can also make suggestions of target buyers they want us to invite, and we’ll reach out to them.

We finalize our list of buyers and give suppliers an opportunity to select who they want to meet with; buyers will do the same.

Meetings are prioritized by matches first, and then by suppliers’ selections.

For any remaining slots, we take the buyers’ selections into consideration.